• Al-Shacker Group

    AI-Shacker Group has 55 years of experience in infant / baby food & pharmaceutical field, established by Dr. Nabil Al-shaker, in 1963 when business was a burden to carry due the non-development standard of living and the difficulty in search in the suburbs area.


    Thanks God, now Al-shacker group is considered among the successful, trustful pharmaceutical trading companies and has established a good reputation in baby health care.


    Our vision is developing high quality of life from the early beginning of childhood, thus, our moto “an intelligent start to life ”


    The main product of AI-Shacker Group is FAMELAC, FAMELAC™ is an infant & baby-food product.


    The FAMELAC™ product is a Trademark owned by AI-Shacker group This Trade­mark is protected and registered in all Middle East and Arab countries.


    Our team of various experienced individuals PHO, Msc, Bssc, degree holders with good experience in sales and marketing affairs. Expert in Pharmaceutical regulations and requirements of registration in most Middle East countries keeping the latest and updated records.